Annually the school offers admittance for 80 selected students in its undergraduate Dentistry course.

It has graduate programs on Pediatrics (Master degree), Periodontics (Master degree), Oral Rehabilitation (Master and Doctoral degrees) and Restorative Dentistry (Master and Doctoral degrees). All of them are recognized by CAPES (country’s graduate programs regulating body).

It also offers other graduate courses in many areas, some of which confer the Specialist degree.
The school’s teaching body is composed by 88 professors, with most of them (over 90%) holding at least a Doctor degree.

The Clinical Supervision was created in 1982, with the purpose to organize and manage the clinics and didactic laboratories, important related services like sterilization, laundry, repairs, dosage and distribution of clinic material, as well as Patient Screening and Urgency and Emergency Care.
There are 197 dental offices installed in 7 clinics, available to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Supporting the clinics the school has 3 multidisciplinary laboratories and specific ones like Orthodontics, Dental Materials and Prosthetics, Ceramics, Casting, Microscopy, Histopathology, Anatomy and research laboratories like Genetics, Electromyography, Neurophysiology, Neuroendocrinology, Endodontics, Dentistry, Laser Welding, Corrosion Analysis, Cell Culture, Biomaterials Research, Restorative Dentistry with Laser, among others. It also counts with Specialized Service on Radiography and Orthodontics Documentation (SERDO), Laboratory for Analysis and Control of Odontological Radiographic Image (LACIRO), Integrated Center for Facial Deformity Studies and, in cooperation with the School of Medicine of Ribeirão Preto, the Clinic for Patients with Special Needs Care and the Clinic for Patients with Facial Mutilation Care.

Beyond teaching and research activities, our school provides health care to the community, performing several kinds of odontological procedures, ranging from the simplest to the more complex ones. Thanks to the support of the University of São Paulo’s Dean our school has, in the last few years, undergone extensive building renovation. Also plenty of new equipment were acquired allowing us to continually provide dental care in full compliance with established biosafety rules.