VOL. 6(2) 1995

Dental Foundation of Ribeirão Preto
ISSN 0103-6440



Osseous Regeneration in the Presence of Fibrin Adhesive Material (Tissucol®) and Epsilon-Aminocaproic Acid (EACA)
T. Okamoto, M.C.R. Alves-Rezende, A.C. Okamoto, I.A. Buscariolo and I.R.Garcia Jr.

Mechanism of Action of Calcium and Hydroxyl Ions of Calcium Hydroxide on Tissue and Bacteria
C. Estrela, G.B. Sydney, L.L. Bammann and O. Felippe Júnior

Effect of Acyclovir on Rat Fetus Palate Mucosa
M.C. Komesu, L.G. Brentegani, R. Azoubel, R.A. Lopes and M.A. Sala

Creation of the Gingival Immunologic Defense Index (GIDI) to Evaluate the Immunological Potential of the Gingiva and the Possible Risk for Periodontal Disease
M.C.M de Souza-Gugelmin, I.Y. Ito and G. Maia Campos

Hydroxylapatite and Tricalcium Phosphate Implants in the Dental Alveolus of Rats. A Histometric Study
A.L. Rosa, L.G. Brentegani and S.A. Grandini

Tensile Bond Strength of Panavia Ex to a Ni-Cr Alloy Using Different Surface Treatments
C.M. Pinto Coelho, J.H. Rubo and L.F. Pegoraro

Bone Morphology of the Temporomandibular Joint and its Relation to Dental Occlusion
M.A.N. Matsumoto and A.M. Bolognese

Iontophoresis: An Alternative in the Treatment of Incipient Caries?
J.L. Simone, F.E.G. Peres, M.R. Matson, F.F. de G. Peres and M.M. Romano

Oral Manifestations of Diabetes Mellitus in Controlled and Uncontrolled Patients
M.R.S. Quirino, E.G. Birman and C.R. Paula

Interruption of Breast Feeding Caused by the Presence of Neonatal Teeth
L.G. Primo, A.C. Alves, I. Pomarico and R. Gleiser

Radicular Grooves in Maxillary Lateral Incisor: Case Report
C. Estrela, H.L. Pereira and J.D. Pécora

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