Vol. 11(2) 2000

Dental Foundation of Ribeirão Preto


In Vitro study of the effect of aged eugenol on the flow, setting time and adhesion of Grossman root canal sealer
    S.C. Mendonça, J.R. de Carvalho Jr., D.M.Z. Guerisoli, J.D. Pécora and M.D. Sousa-Neto

Homogenous implant in rat tibias of matrix preserved in 98% glycerin: Histomorphologic study
    T. Okamoto, M.E. Kira, R. Okamoto, I.R. Garcia Junior and W.D. Niccoli Filho

Fluoride release and uptake from glass ionomer cements and composite resins
    P. Weidlich, L.A. Miranda, M. Maltz and S.M.W. Samuel

Capacity of denture plaque removal and antimicrobial action of a specific paste formulated for complete denture cleaning
    H.F.O. Paranhos, E.H.G. Lara, H. Panzeri, R.C. Candido and I.Y. Ito

AgNors in hyperplasia, papilloma and oral squamous cell carcinoma
    L.M.S. Fonseca and M.A.V. do Carmo

Comparative study of two digital radiographic storage phosphor systems
    A.E. Oliveira, S.M. de Almeida, G.A. Paganini, F. Haiter Neto and F.N. Bóscolo

Epithelial alterations of secondary palate formation
    M.A.V. Bittencourt and A.M. Bolognese

The facilitating role of mobile dental van programs in promoting professional dental education
    C.W. Werner, P.P. Gragg and K.M. Geurink

Clinical and histological evaluation of granuloma gravidarum: Case report
    Y.T.C Silva-Sousa, C.M.P. Coelho, L.G. Brentegani, M.L.S.O. Vieira and M.L de Oliveira

Maxillary lateral incisor with two root canals: fusion, gemination or dens invaginatus?
    A.J.A. Pereira, R.A.S. Fidel and S.R. Fidel

Tooth wear and loss: symptomatological and rehabilitating treatments
    T.H. Hotta, L.J. Nunes, A.H. Quatrini, C. Bataglion, T. Nonaka and O.L. Bezzon

Craniometaphyseal dysplasia: Case report
    L.C. Maia, A. Modesto, G. Carakushansky and I.P.R. de Souza

A rare case of lip ulcer infected by Klebsiella pneumoniae: Case report
    A.L.B. Pinheiro and A.C. de Freitas

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