Ribeirão Preto

Ribeirão Preto is a city of 500,000 inhabitants, situated in the North of the State of São Paulo, in the Southeast region of Brazil. Its latitude is 21° 10' 42" south and longitude 42° 48' 24" west.

Ribeirão Preto is the administrative center of a metropolitan, agricultural area of 86 cities with a population of close to 3 million. This region, which was once the world capital of coffee production, is now the largest producer of oranges, grain, sugar cane and milk in Brazil. It is the largest alcohol-producing region in the world with a production of 3.3 billion liters of alcohol utilized to power 4.5 million automobiles in the country. Ribeirão Preto has one car for every 3.4 inhabitants. This region is responsible for 8% of the agricultural production of Brazil and has a GNP of US$17 billion.

The city of Ribeirão Preto is an educational center with about 130,000 pre-school to university students. It is the home of two major universities, the University of São Paulo (of the government of the State of São Paulo) and the University of Ribeirão Preto, a private university. There are also numerous other institutions with higher level programs in Biomedicine, Engineering, Administration, Nursing, and Acupuncture. English is a mandatory course from the 5th grade in all schools.

The University of São Paulo, in Ribeirão Preto, maintains Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing and Philosophy, Sciences and Letters and one of the best University Hospitals in the country.

The School of Dentistry of Ribeirão Preto of the University of São Paulo was founded June 1, 1924 (66 years ago). Besides the DDS course, the School offers dental residencies of 2 years in Prosthesis, Pediatric Dentistry, Endodontics, Operative Dentistry and Surgery. It also offers Master's and Doctoral programs.

The USA, campus of Ribeirão Preto, edits numerous research journals, most notably the BRAZILIAN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL AND BIOLOGICAL RESEARCH and the BRAZILIAN JOURNAL OF GENETICS, both edited in English.

The Dental Foundation of Ribeirão Preto was founded by various professors with the objective of expanding and participating in the advances of its profession and editing the DENTAL JOURNAL OF RIBEIRÃO PRETO in portuguese and the BRAZILIAN DENTAL JOURNAL in English.