The Editorial Board of the Brazilian Dental Journal is extremely proud of Editor Prof. Dr. Jesus Djalma Pécora. On May 30, 1996, Professor Pécora achieved the title of Full Professor of the Discipline of Endodontics of the School of Dentistry of Ribeirão Preto, University of São Paulo. This title is achieved after the public announcement of a vacancy and through a test of erudiction and the presentation and examination of the curriculum vitae, titles and documents. Being successful in his quest, Professor Pécora reached the highest title of the university career with all of the qualities possible of persons who follow academic activity. Upon graduation from the Faculty of Dentistry in 1969, Prof. Pécora began his professional career in private practice in the specialty of Endodontics for 22 years. In 1985, he obtained his Masterís degree and began his academic career. During these last 11 years he has been part of 42 examining boards, and defended 3 theses. He is noted for his dedication as an advisor to students in numerous areas orienting over 117 research projects. It is as a researcher and a professor with a passion for scientific knowledge that this eminent professor has achieved the greatest recognition publishing over 108 scientific papers during his career. His life has been driven by the search for scientific truth, and development of research methods which lead to a positive result. The greatest achievement of this brilliant career was the creation of the Research Laboratory in Endodontics at the School of Dentistry at Ribeirão Preto where he is professor and researcher. In conclusion, we can certify that the reason for his vast academic production is his perserverance and dedication to research. On reaching this highest title of a university career, Prof. Dr. Jesus Djalma Pécora has not lost his capacity to dream, to fight, to accomplish, to face teaching and research with seriousness and romanticism. His drive for work has not decreased which leaves us calm in knowing that we can count on his contagious desire to work, to research, to always go ahead as when he had the dream, in 1990, of creating the first Brazilian Dental Journal published in English. For all of these characteristics and factors, we ascertain that this recent title obtained by Prof. Pécora is not merely protocol. It is a recognition by the academic community of the activities performed throughout his life.