The academic community of the School of Dentistry, University of São Paulo (FORP-USP), in an atmosphere of tranquility and respect, experienced liberty and democracy during the second semester of 1995 with the election of the new Dean of this School. There were debates and contacts with the community. Finally, with the full support of the electorate, a list of three experienced and competent colleagues, Profs. Drs. Wanderley Ferreira da Costa, Dionísio Vinha and Sílvio Maia Campos, was presented to the Dean of the University. The first name on this list, Dr. Wanderley Ferreira da Costa, was appointed. The Vice-Dean will be chosen at the beginning of 1996 in a similar electoral process. Prof. Dr. Wanderley is a full professor of the Discipline of Endodontics where he spent all of his academic career which began almost three decades ago, carried out research and developed his university activities. Throughout the years he published over one hundred scientific articles in national and international dental journals. He participated in more than two hundred Congresses and scientific programs. As a member of various examining panels and advising various researchers, he has had a decisive impact on the refinement of the teaching staff of this School of Dentistry. During these last four years, Dr. Wanderley was the Vice-Director of FORP-USP. As his administrative plan, the new director has established goals capable of being met and with the intent of improving the academic performance of this School. Projects which attack on three fronts have been drawn up: Teaching, Research and Community Service. Among these goals, one which will have definite positive results on scholastic performance is the policy of human resources to be implemented at all levels of this University, i.e. the student body, teaching staff and the employees, which will, without a doubt, cause a significant improvement in the achievement of each. A system of administrative negotiation where each area will present the problems which most affect them and suggest possible solutions will be adopted. The search for new financial resources for research and the improvement of institutional resources of teaching are also objectives of this administration during the next four years. Following the tendency which is occurring at all levels of advanced education, this administration will seek means of financing projects in order to overcome the lack of resources for education in this country. The establishment of a project of continuing education for students and for professionals will be implemented, improving the relationship of the Faculty with its ex-students and providing constant refinement of professionals in this area of health which provides service to the community. This administrative project is daring and intends to act in all available areas of this Dental School. The consequences of this will certainly be seen in the future. It is the desire of the Editorial Board of the Brazilian Dental Journal that the new director can perform to the best of his potential, that he is able to implement all of his administrative plans and is able to improve, even more, the prestige of this Dental School in the academic area, in general, promoting excellence in services of teaching, research and community service. To Prof. Dr. Wanderley Ferreira da Costa, our very best wishes for success and fulfillment.