Vol. 5(2) 1994

Dental Foundation of Ribeirão Preto
ISSN 0103-6440



Interference of the Blood Clot on Granulatio Tissue Formation after Tooth Extraction. Histomorphological Study in Rats 
T. Okamoto, R. Okamoto, M. C. R. Alves Rezende and M. F. R. Gabrielli
 Key Words: granulation tissue, blood elot, healing socket

Is There an Age-dependent Decrease in Resting Secretion of Saliva of Healthy Persons? A Study of 1493 Subjects 
M. P. Lopez-Jornet and A. Bermejo-Fenoll
Key Words: resting whole saliva, xerostomia, aged persons, salivary flow rate

Effect of Hyperthermia on Rat Fetus Palate Epithelium 
A. D. R. Toneto, R. A. Lopes, P. T. de Oliveira, M. A. Sala and G. Maia Campos
Key Words: palate rat fetus, hyperthermia, stereology

Light-weight Ocular Prosthesis 
R. Brito e Dias, J. R. V. de Rezende and J. C. M. Carvalho
Key Words: ocular prosthesis, artificial eye

In Vitro Cumulative Effect of Topical Application of Fluoride Gels on the Surface of Aesthetic Restoration Materials 
L. de A. Monte Alto and R. de A. Cruz
Key Words: acidulated phosphate fluoride, fluoride gel, composite resin

Radiographic Morphology of the Temporomandibular Joint Related to Occlusal Characteristics
M. A. N. Matsumoto and A. M. Bolognese
Key Words: temporomandibular joint, radiographic morphology, occlusion

Cervical Enamel Projection Related to Furcation Involvement 
A. F. M. de Lima and E. Hebling
Key Words: cervical enamel projections, furcation involvement

In Vitro Action of Various Bleaching Agent on the Microhardness of Human Dentin 
J. D. Pécora, A. M. Cruz Filho, M. D. de Sousa Neto and R. G. Silva
Key Words: bleaching agents, dentin microhardness, Endodontics

Morphologic Study of Tissue Changes Occurring in the Apical Third and Periapex of Rat Morlars after Endodontic Treatment Performed under Different Occlusal Conditions 
E. F. L. Sato, J. H. Antoniazzi and J. A. Bauer
Key Words: root canal, endodontic treatment, occlusion

Influence of Diameter Variation of Gates-Glidden Drills on Torsion Resistence 
H. P. Lopes, C. N. Elias, C. Estrela and A. dos S. Costa Filho
Key Words: Gates-Glidden drills, instruments, root canal

The Choice of the Master Cone: A Comparative Study 
H. F. Pesce and J. M. F. de Medeiros
Key Words: root filling, root canal therapy

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