Vol. 5(1) 1994

Dental Foundation of Ribeirão Preto
ISSN 0103-6440



Human Papilloma Virus - Its Association with Epithelial Proliferative Lesions  (pdf version)
L. J. da Costa, F. R. X. da Silveira, J. M. Batista and E. G. Birman
Key Words: human papilloma virus, papovavirus, papilloma, oral lesions

Karyometric Study of Basal Cell Carcinoma  (pdf version)
M. A. Sala, M. C. Komesu, R. A. Lopes and G. Maia Campos
Key Words: basal cell carcinoma, karyometry

An Audit of CO2 Laser Surgery in the Mouth  (pdf version)
A. B. B. Pinheiro and J. W. Frame
Key Words: benign lesions, laser surgery, leukoplakia, malignant lesions, premalignant lesions

Streptococci of the Mutans Group: Confirmation of Intrafamilial Transmission by Mutacin Typing  (pdf version)
R. V. P. Azevedo and F. Zelante
Key Words: mutans streptococci, bacteriocin typing, mutacin, intrafamilial transmission

Healing Process of the Gingival Mucosa and Dental Alveolus Following Tooth Extraction and Suture with Polyglycolic Acid and Polyglactin 910 Threads. Comparative Histomorphologic Study in Rats  (pdf version)
T. Okamoto, K. S. Rosini, G. I. Miyahara and M. F. R. Gabrielli
Key Words: alveolar healing, suture thread, absorbable suture

Influence of Time of Calcium Hydroxide Iodoform Paste Replacement in the Treatment of Root Perforations (pdf version)
C. M. Bramante and A. Berbert
Key Words: root perforations, calcium hydroxide iodoform paste, root canal therapy

Adhesion of Calcium Hydroxide-Containing Root Canal Sealers  (pdf version)
R. A. S. Fidel, M. D. de Sousa Neto, J. C. E. Spanó, E. L. Barbin and J. D. Pécora
Key Words: adhesion, calcium hydroxide, endodontic sealer

Apical Leakage Using Various Sealers and Root Canal Filling Techniques   (pdf version)
C. Estrela, H. F. Pesce, G. B. Sidney and J. A. P. de Figueiredo
Key Words: root filling, sealers, apical leakage, lateral condensation

Evaluation of Chelating Action of EDTA in Association with Dakin's Solution  (pdf version)
P. C. Saquy, G. Maia Campos, M. D. Sousa Neto, L. F. Guimarães and J. D. Pécora
Key Words: chelation, EDTA, microhardness of dentin, Dakin's solution

The Oro-Facial-Digital Syndrome - Manifestations in the Oral Cavity - Case Report  (pdf version)
Y. T. C. Silva Sousa and D. D. M. Kanaan
Key Words: oro-facial digital syndrome, hypertrophied frenula, cleft lip-palate

Gingival Hyperplasia Due to a Removable Partial Prosthesis - Case Report   (pdf version)
O. L. Bezzon, M. da G. C. de Mattos and L. A. Fregonesi
Key Words: hyperplasia, removable partial denture, design

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