Vol. 4(2) 1993

Dental Foundation of Ribeirão Preto
ISSN 0103-6440


Gengiflex, an Alkali-Cellulose Membrane for GTR: Histologic Observations          (pdf version)  
A. B. Novaes Jr, A. B. Novaes, M. F. M. Grisi, U. N. Soares and F. Gabarra
Key Words: guided tissue regeneration, cellulose membrane, Gengiflex

A New Method for Endodontic Treatment in Molars of Rats          (pdf version) 
E. F. L. Sato and J. H. Antoniazzi
Key Words: endodontic treatment, new methodology, biological research

Effect of Dakin's and EDTA Solutions on Dentin Permeability of Root Canals          (pdf version) 
J. D. Pécora, M. D. Sousa Neto, P. C. Saquy, R. G. Silva and A. M. da Cruz Filho
Key Words: dentin permeability, irrigating solutions

BANA Test in Subgingival Plaque and Levels of Gingival Inflammation in Brazilian Children          (pdf version) 
L. Fonseca, B. E. C. de Toledo, I. Y. Ito, S. R. P. Orrico and A. M. Elias
Key Words: subgingival plaque, children, BANA test

Study of the Correlation Between Salivary IgA and Gingival Inflammation in Children          (pdf version) 
M. C. M. de Souza-Gugelmin, I. Y. Ito and G. Maia Campos
Key Words: IgA, saliva, gingival inflammation, children

Study of the Radiographic Morphology of the Temporomandibular Joint          (pdf version)
M. A. N. Matsumoto and A. M. Bolognese
Key Words: temporomandibular joint, anatomy, radiographic image, radiographic morphology

Centric Relation Recording in Dentate Patients - A Comparative Study of Prepared Wax and the Leaf Gauge-Leaf Wafer System          (pdf version) 
J. F. Pantaleão, C. R. Silva-Netto, L de J. Nunes and J. B. Woelfel
Key Words: centric relation recording, semi-adjustable articulator (Gnatus 8600), leaf gauge-leaf wafer system

Recuperation of Buccal Opening (Hypomotility) with Myorelaxant Splint and Myofunctional Therapy          (pdf version) 
M. A. M Rodrigues da Silva, C. M. de Felício, P. N. Fracon, M. O. Mazzetto and R. C. M. Mamede
Key Words: buccal opening, bucco-maxillo-facial trauma, myorelaxant splint, myofuncional therapy

Clinical and Laboratory Evaluation of the Ability of Fluoride Gels to Reach Approximal Dental Regions          (pdf version) 
A. R. B. Alves, R. de A. Cruz, C. A. Pacca and V. Campos
Key Words: topical fluoride application, fluoride gels, thixotrophy

Endodontic Treatment of a Maxillary Lateral Incisor with a Talon Cusp: Case Report          (pdf version)
J.D. Pécora, M. D. Sousa Neto, P. C. Saquy and A. P. P. Leite
Key Words: talon cusp, endodontic treatment, incisor

The Process of Learning in Undergraduate Dental Teaching: State University of Maringá Dental School          (pdf version)
C. A. Conrado, G. S. Gomes, C. R. C. Robazza and J. R. Tamburus
Key Words: teaching, curriculum

Comparative Evaluation of Tensile Strength end Rupture Elongation of Two Brazilian Silicones for Facial Prostheses          (pdf version)
J. C. M. Carvalho, M. André, B. S. C. Mattos and R. Brito e Dias
Key Words: facial prostheses, silicone

A Single Slit Diffractometer to Detect Contraction of Photopolymerized Resins          (pdf version)
A. M. Razaboni, O. Baffa and D. Vinha
Key Words: laser, photopolymerization, photocurring, diffractometer, restorative resins, composites

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