Vol. 4(1) 1993

Dental Foundation of Ribeirão Preto
ISSN 0103-6440



Determination of the Presence of Spirochetes in the Subgingival Plaque of Brazilian Children          (pdf version)
L. Fonseca, B. E. C. de Toledo, S. R. P. Orrico, A. M. Elias and I. Y. Ito
 Key Words: spirochetes, subgingival plaque, children

An Alternative Technique for the Pre-Prosthetic and Periodontal Wedge Procedures          (pdf version)
R. L. Grein, A. B. Novaes Jr, E. G. Feres Filho and A. B. Novaes
Key Words: distal wedge procedures, molars, periodontal surgery

Alcohol-Induced Alterations in the Palate Epithelium of the Rat Fetus          (pdf version)  
C. de Oliveira, G. Maia Campos, R. A. Lopes, M. A. Sala and S. O. Petenusci
Key Words: palate, rat, fetus, alcoholism, stereology

Histopathological Spectrum of 112 Cases of Mucocele          (pdf version
D. T. Oliveira, A. Consolaro and F. J. G. Freitas
Key Words: mucocele,  mucous retention cyst, mucous extravasation cyst

The Periodontal Abscess - A Case Report          (pdf version
U. R. Darbar, S. M. Hooper, M. Middai
Key Words: periodontal, abscess, diagnosis

In Vitro Study on the Softening of Gutta-Percha Cones in Endodontic Retreatment          (pdf version)
J. D. Pécora, J. C. E. Spanó and E. L. Barbin
Key Words: chemical solvent, gutta-percha

Antimicrobial Action of AXOLTM on Periodontopathic Bacteria          (pdf version
W. A. Bretz and S. L. Salvador
Key Words: antimicrobials, periodontal organisms

Internal Anatomy, Direction and Number of Roots and Size of Human Mandibular Canines          (pdf version
J. D. Pécora, M. D. Sousa Neto and P. C. Saquy
Key Words: mandibular canine, root canal, internal anatomy

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