Vol. 2(2) 1991

Dental Foundation of Ribeirão Preto
ISSN 0103-6440



Root Form and Canal Anatomy of Maxillary First Premolars (pdf version)
 J. D. Pécora, P. C. Saquy, M.D. Sousa Neto and J.B. Woelfel
 Key Words: maxillary first premolar, root anatomy

A Method to Evaluate and Compare Roentgenograms (pdf version)
G. Maia Campos and J.R. Tamburús
Key Words:radiographic contrast, radiographic optical dentity

Reaction of the Human Gingival Tissue to Different Suture Materials Used in Periodontal Surgery (pdf version)
R.S.G, Abi Rached, B.E.C. Toledo, T. Okamoto, E. Marcantonio Jr., J.E.C. Sampaio, S.R.P. Orrico and R.A.C. Marcantonio
Key Words: suture materials, gingival reaction, periodontal surgery

Influence of Age on the Reactivity of tne BANA Tesst Among Brazilian Children (pdf version)
S.R.P. Orrigo, B.E.C. Toledo, L. Fonseca and I.Y. Ito
Key Words: BANA test, spirochetes, children

Surface Tension of Several Drugs Used in Endodontics (pdf version)
J.D. Pécora, L.F. Guimarães and R.N. Savioli
Key Words: surface tension, drugs, endodontics

Dental Pain and Sleep. Experimental Study on Guinea Pigs (Cavia Porcellus ) (pdf version)
L.G. Brentegani, M.R. Bentegani and M.C. Lico
Key Words: pain, sleep, serotonin, obex, eletrocorticogram

Effect of Polishing Burs and Stones on the Micro-Hardness of Dental Amalgam (pdf version)
S.A. Ribeiro, T.N. Nascimento, A.L.B. Centola, L.C. Teixeira and S. Maia Campos
Key Words: amalgam polishing, micro-hardness

Dental Teaching in Brazil and the Need for Change (pdf version)
C.A. Conrado and G.S. Gomes
Key Words: teaching

Treatment of Dens Invaginatus in a Maxillary Canine - Case Report (pdf version)
M.D. Sousa Neto, W.G. Zoccolotto, P.C. Saquy, S.A. Grandini and J.D. Pécora
Key Words: dens invaginatus, dens in dente, therapy

Maxillary Lateral Incisor With Two Roots - Case Report (pdf version)
J.D. Pécora and S.V.S. Santana
Key Words: anatomy, maxillary lateral incisor, root canal therapy

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