Vol. 2(1) 1991

Dental Foundation of Ribeirão Preto
ISSN 0103-6440


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Endodontic Treatment of a Maxillary Lateral Incisor Presenting Dens Invaginatus and Transposition to the Canine Region - Case Report    (download pdf file)
J. D. Pécora, P. C. Saquy, J. E. de Souza and M. D. Sousa Neto
Key Words: dens invaginatus, dental transposition, esthetic restoration

Anomalies in Number to Teeth in Patients with Lip and/or Palate Clefts   (download pdf file)
L. D. Lopes, B. S. C. Mattos and M. André
Key Words: anomalies in number of teeth, anodontia, supernumerary teeth

Prosthesis-Periodontics Relationship II. Increase of Clinical Crown and Surgery for Prosthetic Purpose    (download pdf file)
L. Z. S. Dias, A. B. Novaes Junior and A. B. Novaes
Key Words: periodontal treatment, pre-prosthetic surgery

Myofunctional Therapy Combined with Occlusal Splint in Treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction-Pain Syndrome    (download pdf file)
C. M. de Felício, M. A. M. Rodrigues da Silva, M. O. Mazzetto and A. L. B. Centola
Key Words: myotherapy, occlusal splint, temporomandibular joint

Study of Mandibular Head Volume in Rats Submitted to Occlusal Alterations    (download pdf file)
M. N. M. Campos, S. M. Campos, J. R. G. Angerami and V. O. Pagnano
Key Words: temporomandibular joint, mandibular head, morphometry

Morphologic Study of the Maxillary Molars Part I: External Anatomy    (download pdf file)
J. D. Pécora, J. B. Woelfel and M. D. Sousa Neto
Key Words: external anatomy, maxillary molars

Effect of the Polishing Technique at Low or High Speed on the Micro-Hardness of Dental Amalgam    (download pdf file)
M. L. Pedigoni, A. L. B. Centola, I. C. Fröner, M. L. Turbino and S. A. Ribeiro
Key Words: amalgam micro-hardness, amalgam finishing

Periodontal Aspects of Hereditary Epidermolysis Bullosa    (download pdf file)
A. B. Novaes Junior, J. C. B. Teles, G. C. D. Sousa, N. G. C. Angulo and A. B. Novaes
Key Words: oral pathology, hereditary epidermolysis bullosa, periodontitis, therapy

In Vitro Study of the Incidence of Radicular Grooves in Maxillary Incisor    (download pdf file)
J. D. Pécora, M. D. Sousa Neto, T. C. Santos and P. C. Saquy
Key Words: maxillary incisors, radicular grooves

Presence of Amastigotes in the Weber's Lingual Salivary Gland of Trypanosoma cruzi - Infected Mice    (download pdf file)
R. A. Lopes, R. D. Ribeiro, T. L. L. Carvalho, S. de Albuquerque and I. Watanabe
Key Words: Trypanosoma cruz i, mouse salivary gland, mouse tongue

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