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Morphological characterization of the tooth/adhesive interface

S.K. Moura, J.F.F. Santos and R.Y. Ballester

Effect of refrigeration on bond strength of self-etching adhesive systems

G.A. Borges, A.M. Spohr, W.J. de Oliveira, L. Correr-Sobrinho, A.B. Correr and L.H. Borges

Surface roughness of a dental ceramic after polishing with different vehicles and diamond pastes

G.B. Camacho, D. Vinha, H. Panzeri, T. Nonaka and M. Gonçalves

Effect of microwave disinfection on denture base adaptation and resin surface roughness

E.A. Sartori, C.B. Schmidt, L.F. Walber and R.S.A. Shinkai

Estrogen deficiency and periodontal condition in rats - A radiographic and macroscopic study

A.L. Anbinder, M.A. Prado, M. Spalding, I. Balducci, Y.R. Carvalho and R.F. da Rocha

Collagen analysis in human tooth germ papillae

I.J. Abrahão, M.D. Martins, E. Katayama, J.H. Antoniazzi, A. Segmentilli and M.M. Marques

Efficacy of Carisolv™ as an adjunctive therapy to scaling and root planing on subgingival calculus removal

D.C. Grisi, S.L.S. Salvador and R.A.C. Marcantonio

Evaluation of the marginal gingival health using laser Doppler flowmetry

H. Develioglu, B. Kesim and A. Tuncel

Minimum inhibitory concentration of adherence of Punica granatum Linn (pomegranate) gel against S. mutans, S. mitis and C. albicans

L.C.S. Vasconcelos, F.C. Sampaio, M.C.C. Sampaio, M.S.V. Pereira, J.S. Higino and M.H.P. Peixoto

In vitro cytotoxic and non-genotoxic effects of gutta-percha solvents on mouse lymphoma cells by single cell gel (comet) assay

D.A. Ribeiro, M.E.A. Marques and D.M.F. Salvadori

Ex vivo analysis of the debris remaining in flattened root canals of vital and nonvital teeth after biomechanical preparation with Ni-Ti rotary instruments

E.W. Sasaki, M.A. Versiani, D.E.C. Perez, M.D. Sousa-Neto, Y.T.C. Silva-Sousa and R.G. Silva

Scanning electron microscopic and profilometric study of different sharpening stones

R.A. Andrade Acevedo, A.K.V. Cardozo and J.E.C. Sampaio

Epidemiology of mandibular fractures treated in a Brazilian level I trauma public hospital in the city of São Paulo, Brazil

M.Z. Martini, A. Takahashi, H.G. de Oliveira Neto, J.P. de Carvalho Júnior, R. Curcio and E.H. Shinohara

Kabuki make-up (Niikawa-Kuroki) syndrome: dental and craniofacial findings in a Brazilian child

B.M. dos Santos, R.R. Ribeiro, A.S. Stuani, F.W.G.P. e Silva and A.M. de Queiroz

Intraosseous schwannoma of mandibular symphysis: case report

S.A. de Lacerda, L.G. Brentegani, A.L. Rosa, M.V.O. Vespúcio and L.A. Salata

Dental findings in GAPO syndrome: case report

H.E.D. da Silveira, O.F. Quadros, R.R. Dalla-Bona, H.L.D. da Silveira and G.G. Fritscher

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