Dental Founadion of Ribeirão Preto ISSN 0103-6440

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Lack of DNA damage induced by fluoride on mouse lymphoma and human fibroblast cells by single cell gel (comet) assay

D.A. Ribeiro, P.L. Alves de Lima, M.E.A. Marques and D.M.F. Salvadori

Development of a colorimetric system for evaluation of the masticatory efficiency

C. Escudeiro Santos, O. de Freitas, A.C.C. Spadaro and W. Mestriner-Junior

Influence of rinsing and expectoration after toothbrushing on fluoride dose and ingested amount by use of conventional and children's fluoride dentifrices

M.J.L. Oliveira, S.M. Paiva, L.H.P.M. Martins, I.A. Pordeus, Y.B.O. Lima and J.A. Cury

Surface roughness of glass ionomer cements indicated for atraumatic restorative treatment (ART)

R.C. da Silva and A.C.C. Zuanon

Scanning electron microscopic analysis of the effect of CarisolvTM gel on periodontally compromised human root surfaces

D.C. Grisi, L.H. Theodoro, J.E.C. Sampaio, M.F.M. Grisi and S.L.S. Salvador

In vivo and in vitro evaluation of the efficacy of a peracetic acid-based disinfectant for decontamination of acrylic resins

A.L.C. Chassot, M.I.P. Poisl and S.M.W. Samuel

Water sorption of heat-polymerized acrylic resins processed in mono and bimaxillary flasks

C.B. Meloto, L.R. Silva-Concílio, C. Machado, M.C. Ribeiro, F.A. Jóia and C.M. Rizzatti-Barbosa

Vickers hardness of cast commercially pure titanium and Ti-6Al-4V alloy submitted to heat treatments

S.S. da Rocha, G.L. Adabo, G.E.P. Henriques and M.A.A. Nóbilo

Effect of eugenol-based endodontic cement on the adhesion of intraradicular posts

E. Alfredo, E.S. de Souza, M.A. Marchesan, S.M. Paulino, R. Gariba-Silva and M.D. Sousa-Neto

Antimicrobial potential of ozone in an ultrasonic cleaning system against Staphylococcus aureus

C. Estrela, C.R.A. Estrela, D.A. Decurcio, J.A. Silva and L.L. Bammann

Effectiveness of rotary and hand files in gutta-percha and sealer removal using chloroform or chlorhexidine gel

C.E.S. Bueno, M.G. Delboni, R.A. de Araújo, H.J.Carrara and R.S. Cunha

Bacterial profile in primary teeth with necrotic pulp and periapical lesions

L.A.B. da Silva, P. Nelson-Filho, G. Faria, M.C.M. de Souza-Gugelmin and I.Y. Ito

Sensitometric comparisons of Insight and Ektaspeed Plus films: effects of chemical developer depletion

M.S. Casanova, F. Haiter-Neto, F.N. Bóscolo and S.M. de Almeida

Normal torque of the buccal surface of mandibular teeth and its relationship with bracket positioning: a study in normal occlusion

M.A. Mestriner, C. Enoki and J.N. Mucha

Squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue after bone marrow transplantation in a patient with Fanconi anemia

F.G. Salum, G.B. Martins, M.A.Z. de Figueiredo, K. Cherubini, L.S. Yurgel and C. Torres-Pereira

Systemic conditions, oral findings and dental management of chronic renal failure patients: general considerations and case report

M.J.A.A. Hamid, C.D. Dummer and L.S. Pinto

Clinical, radiological and histological features of calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumor: case report

M.C.Z. Deboni, M.G. Naclério-Homem, D.S. Pinto Junior, A.A. Traina and M.G.P. Cavalcanti

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