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Shock of paradigms on the instrumentation of curved root canals

J.D. Pécora and A. Capelli

The importance of apical patency and cleaning of the apical foramen on root canal preparation

R.A. Souza

NSK reciprocating handpiece: in vitro comparative analysis of dentinal removal during root canal preparation by different operators

M.H. Wagner, F.B. Barletta, M.S. Reis, L.L. Mello, R. Ferreira and A.L.R. Fernandes

Molecular analysis of Er:YAG laser irradiation on dentin

L.E.S. Soares, A. Brugnera Junior, F. Zanin, M.T.T. Pacheco and A.A. Martin

Flexural strength of pure Ti, Ni-Cr and Co-Cr alloys submitted to Nd:YAG laser or TIG welding

R. Rocha, A.L.B. Pinheiro and A.B.Villaverde

Bond strength of three dental porcelains to Ni-Cr and Co-Cr-Ti alloys

A.J. Fernandes Neto, H. Panzeri, F.D. Neves, R.A. Prado and G. Mendonça

Abrasion resistance of composites polymerized by light-emitting diodes (LED) and halogen light-curing units

J. Martinelli, F.C.P. Pires-de-Souza, L.A. Casemiro, C. Tirapelli and H. Panzeri

Residual monomer in a composite resin after light-curing with different sources, light intensities and spectra of radiation

I.A. Filipov and S.B. Vladimirov

Shear bond strength of acetone-based one-bottle adhesive systems

G.C. Lopes, P.C. Cardoso, L.C.C. Vieira, L.N. Baratieri, K. Rampinelli and G. Costa

Shear bond strength of new and recycled brackets to enamel

S.W. Tavares, S. Consani, D.F. Nouer, M.B.B.A. Magnani, P.R.A. Nouer and L.M. Martins

In vitro evaluation of microleakage of different materials used as pit-and-fissure sealants

V. Pardi, M.A.C. Sinhoreti, A.C. Pereira, G.M.B. Ambrosano and M.C. Meneghim

Effect of water storage on tooth displacement in maxillary complete dentures

R.L.X. Consani, M.F. Mesquita, S. Consani, L. Correr Sobrinho and M.D. Sousa Neto

Toxicity screening of mouthwashes in the pollen tube growth test: safety assessment of recommended dilutions

U. Kristen and R.E. Friedrich

Effectiveness and efficiency of chemomechanical carious dentin removal

C.S. de Magalhães, A.N. Moreira, W.R.C. Campos, F.M. Rossi, G.A.A. Castilho and R.C. Ferreira

Anterior open bite - cephalometric evaluation of the dental pattern

A.S. Stuani, A.S. Stuani, M.B.S. Stuani, M.C.P. Saraiva, M.A.N. Matsumoto

Anatomosurgical study of the marginal mandibular branch of the facial nerve for submandibular surgical approach

M. Woltmann, R. de Faveri and E.A. Sgrott

Root canal therapy of a maxillary first molar with five root canals: case report

A. Favieri, F.G.B. de Barros and L.C. Campos

Oral focal epithelial hyperplasia: report of five cases

C.M. Borborema-Santos, M.M. de Castro, P.J.B. dos Santos, S. Talhari and S. Astolfi-Filho

Complicated crown fracture: a case report

R.A.S. Fidel, R.G. de Carvalho, C.H. Varela, A. Letra and S.R. Fidel

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