VOL. 16(3) 2005

Dental Foundation of Ribeirão Preto



In vitro evaluation of the susceptibility of endodontic pathogens to calcium hydroxide combined with different vehicles

M.E. Vianna, B.P.F.A. Gomes, N.T. Senna, A.A. Zaia, C.C.R. Ferraz and F.J. de Souza Filho


Influence of cervical preflaring on determination of apical file size in maxillary molars: SEM analysis

J.R. Vanni, R. Santos, O. Limongi, D.M.Z. Guerisoli, A. Capelli and J.D. Pécora


In vitro evaluation of apical sealing in root apex treated with demineralization agents and retrofiled with mineral trioxide aggregate through marginal dye leakage

C.H. Kubo, A.P.M. Gomes and M.N.G. Mancini


Antimicrobial activity of Arctium lappa constituents against microorganisms commonly found in endodontic infections

J.V. Pereira, D.C.B. Bergamo, J.O. Pereira, S.C. França, R.C.L.R. Pietro and Y.T.C. Silva-Sousa


Influence of the remaining coronal structure on the resistance of teeth with intraradicular retainer

J.R. Pereira, T.M. Neto, V.C. Porto, L.F. Pegoraro and A.L. do Valle


Shear bond strength of dental porcelains to nickel-chromium alloys

R.A. do Prado, H. Panzeri, A.J. Fernandes Neto, F.D. das Neves, M.R. da Silva and G. Mendonça


Evaluation of digital optical density of bone repair in rats medicated with ketoprofen

M.V. Martins, M.A.S. da Silva, E. Medici Filho, L.C. de Moraes, J.C.M. Castilho and R.F. da Rocha


In vitro evaluation of the retention of zirconia-based ceramic posts luted with glass ionomer and resin cements

S. Marchan, L. Coldero, R. Whiting and S. Barclay


Effect of the increase of energy density on knoop hardness of dental composites light-cured by conventional QTH, LED and xenon plasma arc

A.B. Correr, M.A.C. Sinhoreti, L.C. Sobrinho, R.N. Tango, L.F.J. Schneider and S. Consani


Development of the osteoblast phenotype of serial cell subcultures from human bone marrow

A.L. Rosa and M.M. Beloti


Analysis of MMP-9 and TIMP-2 gene promoter polymorphisms in individuals with hypodontia

R.C.R. Peres and S.R.P. Line


Electromyographic analysis of the orbicularis oris muscle in oralized deaf individuals

S.C.H. Regalo, M. Vitti, M.T.B. Moraes, M. Semprini, C.M. de Felício, M.G.C. de Mattos, J.E.C. Hallak and C.M. Santos


Evaluation of the etiology of ocular globe atrophy or loss

V.R. Côas, A.C.C. Neves and S.M. Rode


Clinical, radiographic, biochemical and histological findings of florid cemento- osseous dysplasia and report of a case

M. Gonçalves, R. Píspico, F.A. Alves, C.E.B. Lugão and A. Gonçalves


Adenomatoid odontogenic tumor - a rare cause of jaw swelling

S. Nigam, S.K. Gupta and K.U. Chaturvedi


Periapical cyst repair after nonsurgical endodontic therapy - case report

C.R.A. Valois and E.D. Costa-Júnior

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