VOL. 16(2) 2005

Dental Foundation of Ribeirão Preto

Review Article
Regeneration of class II furcation defects: determinants of increased sucess

A.B. Novaes Jr., D.B. Palioto, P.F de Andrade and J.T. Marchesan

Microhardness of resin-based materials polymerized with LED and halogen curing units
D.F.G. Cefaly, G.A.O. Ferrarezi, C.M.C. Tapety, J.R.P. Lauris and M.F.L. Navarro

Effect of a carbamide peroxide bleaching gel containing calcium or fluoride on human enamel surface microhardness
R. de Oliveira, A.F. Paes Leme and M. Giannini

Influence of pH of different adhesive systems on the polymerization of a chemically cured composite resin
E.B. Franco, L.G. Lopes, P.H.P. D’Alpino and J.C. Pereira

Visual evaluation of in vitro cariostatic effect of restorative materials associated with dentifrices
J.A. Rodrigues, G.M. Marchi, M.C. Serra and A.T. Hara

Effect of microwave treatments on dimensional accuracy of maxillary acrylic resin denture base
S. Pavan, J.N.Arioli Filho, P.H. Dos Santos and F.A. Mollo Jr.

Assessment of flexural strength and color alteration of heat-polymerized acrylic resins after simulated use of denture cleansers
S. Sato, M.R.S. Cavalcante, I.A. Orsi, H.F.O. Paranhos and O. Zaniquelli

Effect of denture surface glazing on denture plaque formation
N. Sesma, D.C. Laganá, S. Morimoto and C. Gil

Modified functional impression technique for complete dentures
A. Malachias, H.F.O. Paranhos, C.H.L. da Silva, V.A. Muglia and C. Moreto

Clinical evaluation of interocclusal recording materials in bilateral free end cases
V.O. Pagnano, O.L. Bezzon, M.G.C. de Mattos, R.F. Ribeiro and M.L. Turbino

Comparative study of the sealing ability of a polydimethylsiloxane-based root canal sealer
N. Economides, B. Panagiotis, I. Kolokouris, C. Gogos and I. Kokorikos

Comparative study of MTA and other materials in retrofilling of pulpless dogs’ teeth
P.F.E. Bernabé, R. Holland, R. Morandi, V. de Souza, M.J. Nery, J.A. Otoboni Filho, E. Dezan Junior
and J.E. Gomes-Filho

Osteoblast differentiation of human bone marrow cells under continuous and discontinuous treatment with dexamethasone
M.M. Beloti and A.L. Rosa

TP53 mutations in salivary gland neoplasms
L.F. Matizonkas-Antonio, R.A. de Mesquita, S.C.O.M. de Souza and F.D. Nunes

Accidental displacement of impacted maxillary third molar: a case report
C.E. Sverzut, A.E. Trivellato, L.M.F. Lopes, E.P. Ferraz and A.T. Sverzut

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