VOL. 16(1) 2005

Dental Foundation of Ribeirão Preto

Biocompatibility of EDTA, EGTA and citric acid
S.M.G. de Sousa, C.M. Bramante and E.M. Taga

Influence of apical patency and filling material on healing process of dogs' teeth with vital pulp after root canal therapy
R. Holland, A. Sant'Anna Júnior, V. de Souza, E. Dezan Junior, J.A. Otoboni Filho, P.F.E. Bernabé, M.J. Nery and S.S. Murata

Use of vitamin C in delayed tooth replantation
S.R. Panzarini, A.C. Perri de Carvalho, W.R. Poi and C.K. Sonoda

Root canals and apical foramina of the buccal root of maxillary first premolars with longitudinal sulcus
L.G. Mattuella, G. Mazzoccato, F.V. Vier and M.V.R. Só

Influence of cervical preflaring on determination of apical file size in maxillary premolars: SEM analysis
J.M. Barroso, D.M.Z. Guerisoli, A. Capelli, P.C. Saquy and J.D. Pécora

Microleakage on class V glass ionomer restorations after cavity preparation with aluminum oxide air abrasion
S.A.M. Corona, M.C. Borsatto, R.A.S.S. Rocha and R.G. Palma-Dibb

Effect of different finishing and polishing techniques on the surface roughness of microfilled,hybrid and packable composite resins
S.H. Barbosa, R.L. Zanata, M.F.L. Navarro and O.B. Nunes

Alternative methodology for flexural strength testing in natural teeth
R.F. dos Reis and P.C. Borges

Evaluation of the castability of a Co-Cr-Mo-W alloy varying the investing technique
A.F.P. Carreiro, R.F. Ribeiro, M.G.C. de Mattos and R.C.S. Rodrigues

Proliferating cell nulear antigen (PCNA) and p53 protein expression in ameloblastoma and adenomatoid odontogenic tumor
C.A.G. Barboza, L. Pereira Pinto, R.A. Freitas, A.L.L. Costa and L.B. de Souza

Effects of cigarette smoke on the Meckel's cartilage of rat fetus: morphologic, morphometric and stereologic study
D.A. Brandini, M.A. Sala, R.A.Lopes, M. Semprini and M.G.D. Contrera

Bioactive glass efficacy in the periodontal healing of intrabony defects in monkeys
J.H. Villaça, A.B. Novaes Jr, S.L.S. de Souza, M. Taba Jr, G.O. Molina and T.L.L. Carvalho

In vivo characterization of titanium implants coated with synthetic hydroxyapatite by electrophoresis
C.A. Costa, L.A. Sena, M. Pinto, C.A. Muller, J.H.L. Cavalcanti and G.A.Soares

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