VOL. 15(Special issue) 2004

Dental Foundation of Ribeirão Preto
ISSN 0103-6440



Diode laser-activated bleaching
T. Dostalova, H. Jelinkova, D. Housova, J. Sulc, M. Nemec, M. Miyagi, A. Brugnera Junior and F. Zanin

Bonding of self-etching and total-etch systems to Er:YAG laser-irradiated dentin. Tensile bond strength and scanning electron microscopy
R. P. Ramos, M. A. Chinelatti, D. T. Chimello, M. C. Borsatto, J. D. Pécora and R. G. Palma-Dibb

Phototherapy improves healing of cutaneous wounds in nourished and undernourished Wistar rats
A. L. B. Pinheiro, G. C. S. Meireles, A. L. B. Vieira, D. Almeida, C. M. Carvalho and J. N. dos Santos

Efficiency of laser therapy applied in labial traumatism of patients with spastic cerebral palsy
L. A. Moreira, M. T. B. R. Santos, V. F. Campos and W. J. Genovese

9th International Congress of Laser in Dentistry

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