VOL. 15(3) 2004

Dental Foundation of Ribeirão Preto



The importance of fluoride dentrifices to the current dental caries prevalence in Brazil
J.A. Cury, L.M.A. Tenuta, C.C.C. Ribeiro and A.F. Paes Leme

Lack of repair of rat skull critical size defect treated with bovine morphometric protein bound to microgranular bioabsorbable hydroxyapatite
G.R. Ferreira, T.M. Cestari, J.M. Granjeiro and R. Taga

Antimicrobial potential of medicaments used in healing process in dogs' teeth with apical periodontitis
C. Estrela, R. Holland, P.F.E. Bernabé, V. de Souza and C.R.A. Estrela

Remineralization of carious dentin. II: In vivo microradiographic and chemical studies in human permanent teeth capped with calcium hydroxide
C.A. Conrado

Influence of Er:YAG laser irradiation on apical sealing of four different sealers
I. Mello, C.R.C. Robazza and J.H. Antoniazzi

Microleakage study of three adhesive systems
V.G. Arias, I.T. Campos and L.A.F. Pimenta

Evaluation of depth of cure and Knoop hardness in a dental composite photo-activated using different methods
A.C. Obici, M.A.C. Sinhoreti, L. Correr Sobrinho, M.F. de Goes and S. Consani

Average arch widths and associated changes between initial, post-treatment and post-retention measurements
T. Dostalova, J. Racek, E. Tauferova and V. Smutny

Reproducibility of sterilized rubber impressions
K.M. Abdelaziz, A.M. Hassan and J.S. Hodges

Effects of aluminum-copper alloy filtration on photon spectra, air kerma rate and image contrast
A. Gonçalves, J.M.D.A. Rollo, M. Gonçalves, F. Haiter Neto and F.N. Bóscolo

Comparison of two cleansing pastes for the removal of biofilm from dentures and palatal lesions in patients with atrophic chronic candidiasis
M.C.D. Andrucioli, L.D. de Macedo, H. Panzeri, E.H.G. Lara and H.F.O. Paranhos

Influence of chemical and mechanical polishing on water sorption and solubility of denture base acrylic resins
J.S. Rahal, M.F. Mesquita, G.E.P. Henriques and M.A.A. Nóbilo

Use of statistical procedures in Brazilian and international dental journals
G.M.B. Ambrosano, A.F. Reis, M. Giannini and A.C. Pereira

Educational material of dental anatomy applied to study the morphology of permanent teeth
S. Siéssere, M. Vitti, L.G. de Sousa, M. Semprini and S.C.H. Regalo

Rapid prototyping in maxillofacial surgery and traumatology: Case report
E.L.S. da Rosa, C.F. Oleskovicz and B.N. Aragão

Sinus maxillaris mycetoma of odontogenic origin: Case report
R. Matjaz, P. Jernej and K.-R. Mirela

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