VOL. 15(2) 2004

Dental Foundation of Ribeirão Preto



Histomorphometric evaluation of new bone formation in diabetic rats submitted to insertion of temporary implants
C.E.C. Ottoni and R.P. Chopard

Comparison between immunohistochemical expression of cyclin D1 and p21 and histological malignancy graduation of oral squamous cell carcinomas
A.C. Neves, R.A. Mesquita, M.D. Novelli, E. Toddai and S.O.M. De Sousa

Immunolocalization of HLA-DR and metallothionein on amalgam tattoos
C.M.A. Leite, A.S. Botelho, J.R. Oliveira, S.V. Cardoso, A.M. Loyola, R.S. Gomez and R.R. Vaz

Histomorphological response of dogs’ dental pulp capped with white mineral trioxide aggregate
I.M. Faraco Junior and R. Holland

Histological study of the effect of some irrigation solutions on bacterial endotoxin in dogs
L.A.B. da Silva, M.R. Leonardo, S. Assed and M. Tanomaru Filho

In vitro evaluation of the thermal alterations on the root surface during preparation with different Ni-Ti rotary instruments
A. Capelli, D.M.Z. Guerisoli, E.L. Barbin, J.C.E. Spanó and J.D. Pécora

Evaluation of intracanal post removal using ultrasound
M.R. da Silva, J.C.G. Biffi, A.S. da Mota, A.J. Fernandes-Neto and F.D. das Neve

Influence of casting methods on marginal and internal discrepancies of complete cast crowns
F.M. Milan, S. Consani, L. Correr Sobrinho, M.A.C. Sinhoreti, M.D. Sousa-Neto and J.C. Knowles

Influence of photopolymerization light source on enamel shear bond strength after bleaching
S.C. Loretto, R. Braz, A.M.V.C. Lyra and L.M. Lopes

Cross-contamination in the dental laboratory through the polishing procedure of complete dentures
A.M. Agostinho, P.R. Miyoshi, N. Gnoatto, H.F.O. Paranhos, L.C. de Figueiredo and S.L. Salvador

Laser therapy in the treatment of dentine hypersensitivity
T.C.C.G.P. Ladalardo, A. Pinheiro, R.A.C. Campos, A. Brugnera Júnior, F. Zanin, P.L.M. Albernaz and L.L.M. Weckx

Relationship of slightly limited mandibular movements to temporomandibular disorders
R. Celic, V. Jerolimov and D. Knezovic Zlataric

Biometric study of furcation area of first maxillary molars
G.A. Romito and F.E. Pustiglioni

Frey’s syndrome after condylar fracture: Case report
C.E. Sverzut, A.E. Trivellato, E.C.S. Serra, E.P. Ferraz and A.T. Sverzut

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