VOL. 15(1) 2004

Dental Foundation of Ribeirão Preto



Tissue response to a membrane of demineralized bovine cortical bone implanted in the subcutaneous tissue of rats
R.C. de Oliveira, R. Menezes, T.M. Cestari, E.M. Taga, R. Taga, M.A.R. Buzalaf and J.M. Granjeiro

Oral lichen planus: A clinical and morphometric study of oral lesions in relation to clinical presentation
J. Seoane, M.A. Romero, P. Varela-Centelles, P. Diz-Dios and M.J. Garcia-Pola

Microleakage in bonded amalgam restorations using different adhesive materials
M.S. Cenci, E. Piva, F. Potrich, E. Formolo, F.F. Demarco and J.M. Powers

Comparative SEM evaluation of penetration of adhesive systems in human dentin with a non-rinse conditioner and a self-etching primer
J.O.A.P. Cal-Neto, M.S. de Miranda and K.R.H.C. Dias

Apical seal of root canals with gutta-percha points with calcium hydroxide
R. Holland, S.S. Murata, H.G. Barbosa, O. Garlipp, V. de Souza and E. Dezan Junior

In vitro evaluation of the antimicrobial activity of five root canal sealers
B.P.F.A. Gomes, J.A. Pedroso, R.C. Jacinto, M.E. Vianna, C.C.R. Ferraz, A.A. Zaia and F.J. de Souza-Filho

Morphometric analysis of the effectiveness of different concentrations of sodium hypochlorite associated with rotary instrumentation for root canal cleaning
F. Baratto-Filho, J.R. de Carvalho Jr., L.F. Fariniuk, M.D. Sousa-Neto, J.D. Pécora and A.M. da Cruz-Filho

Control of gingival inflammation in a teenager population using ultrasonic prophylaxis
A.B. Novaes Júnior, S.L.S. de Souza, M. Taba Jr., M.F.M. Grisi, L.C. Suzigan and R.S. Tunes

Cross-sectional evaluation of clinical parameters to select high prevalence
populations for periodontal disease. The site comparative severity methodology

S.L.S. de Souza and M. Taba Jr.

Assessment of treatment for functional posterior cross-bites in patients at the deciduous dentition phase
A.L.T. Dutra, A.C. Cardoso, A. Locks and A.C.B. Bezerra

Remineralization of carious dentin. I: In vitro microradiographic study in human teeth capped with calcium hydroxide
C.A. Conrado

Effect of packing types on the dimensional accuracy of denture base resin cured by the conventional cycle in relation to post-pressing times
R.L.X. Consani, S.S. Domitti, M.F. Mesquita and S. Consani

Dental-skeletal dimensions in growing individuals with variations in the lower facial height
C. Enoki, C.S. Telles and M.A.N. Matsumoto

Temporal bone involvement in Cherubism: Case report
L.C. Fonseca, J.B. de Freitas, P.H. Maciel and M.G.P. Cavalcanti

Oral myiasis treated with ivermectin: Case report
E.H. Shinohara, M.Z. Martini, H.G. de Oliveira Neto and A. Takahashi

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