VOL. 14(3) 2003

Dental Foundation of Ribeirão Preto



Composition of dental plaque formed in the presence of sucrose and after its interruption
J.A. Cury, A.S. Marques, C.P.M. Tabchoury and A.A. Del Bel Cury

Root caries prevalence in a group of Brazilian adult dental patients
M.G.C. Watanabe

Prevalence of black tooth stains and dental caries in Brazilian schoolchildren
A. Casparetto, C.A. Conrado, S.M. Maciel, E.Y. Miyamoto, M. Chicarelli and R.L. Zanata

Are there structural alterations in the enamel organ of offspring of rats with alloxan-induced diabetes mellitus?
Y.T.C. Silva-Sousa, L.C. Peres and M.C. Foss

Effects of a non-rinse conditioner on the enamel of primary teeth
M. Fava, S.I. Myaki, V.E. Arana-Chavez and F. Fava-de-Moraes

Morphological alterations of the parotid gland of rats maintained on a liquid diet
S.C. Leal, O.A. de Toledo and A.C.B. Bezerra

Effect of low level laser therapy on the repair of bone defects grafted with inorganic bovine bone
A.L.B. Pinheiro, F.A. Limeira Júnior, M.E.M. Gerbi, L.M.P. Ramalho, C. Marzola and E.A.C. Ponzi

Distribution of CD8 and CD20 lymphocytes in chronic periapical inflammatory lesions
C.K. Philippi, P.V. Rados, M. Sant'Ana Filho, J.J.D. Barbachan and O.F. de Quadros

Control of microorganisms in vitro by endodontic irrigants
C.R.A. Estrela, C. Estrela, C. Reis, L.L. Bammann and J.D. Pécora

Effect of cement types on the tensile strength of metallic crowns submitted to thermocycling
S. Consani, J.G. dos Santos, L. Correr Sobrinho, M.A.C. Sinhoreti and M.D. Sousa-Neto

Evaluation of the adaptation interface of one-piece implant-supported superstructures obtained in Ni-Cr-Ti and Pd-Ag alloys
H.M.F. da Costa, R.C.S. Rodrigues, M.G.C. de Mattos and R.F. Ribeiro

Interpretation of mandibular condyl fractures using 2D- and 3D-computed tomography
A.P.A. da Costa e Silva, J.L.F. Antunes and M.G.P. Cavalcanti

Evaluation of mandibular implant sites: correlation between panoramic and linear tomography
M.I.B. Rockenbach, M.C.C. Sampaio, L.J. da Costa and N.P. da Costa

Assessment of cardiovascular parameters during dental procedures under the effect of benzodiazepines: a double blind study
F.N. Faraco, P.L. Armonia, J.L. Simone and N. Tortamano

Evaluation of knowledge and experience of dentists of São Paulo State, Brazil about cardiopulmonary resuscitation
H.F.S. Gonzaga, L. Buso, M.A. Jorge, L.H.S. Gonzaga, M.D. Chaves and O.P. de Almeida

Pilomatricoma of the auricular region: case report
T.A. da Silva, E.F. Moraes Júnior, A. Consolaro and V.S. Lara

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