VOL. 14(2) 2003

Dental Foundation of Ribeirão Preto


Effect of caries preventive measures directed to expectant mothers on caries expecience in their children.
R. L. Zanata, M. F. L. Navarro, J. C. Pereira, E. B. Franco, J. R. P. Lauris and S. H. Barbosa

Child-management techniques. Are there differences in the way female and male pediatric dentists in Israel practice?
B. Peretz, H. Glaicher and D. Ram

Enamel Hypoplasia in a litter of rats with alloxa-induced mellitus.
Y. T. C. Silva-Sousa, L. C. Peres and M. C. Foss

Tissue reactions to a component of root canal system bacteria: Lipoteichoic acid.
E. D. Costa Junior, F. J. de Souza-Filho and S. V. Barbosa

Antimicrobial activity of different concentrations of NaOCl and chlorhexidine using a contact test.
L. M. Sassone, R. A. S. Fidel, S. R. Fidel, M. Dias and R. Hirata Junior

Healing process of doc teeth after post space preparation and exposition of the filling material to the oral environment.
H. G. Barbosa, R. Holland, V. de Souza, E. Dezan Júnior, P. F. E. Bernabé, J. A. Otoboni Filho and M. J. Nery

Cohort study of endodontic therapy success.
R. M. C. Travassos, A. F. Caldas Junior and D. S. de Albuquerque

Evaluation of solubility, desintegration, and dimensional alterations of a glass ionomer root canal sealer.
J. R. Carvalho-Júnior, L. F. I. Guimarães, L. Correr-Sobrinho, J. D. Pécora and M. D. Sousa-Neto

Guided bone regeneration with subperiosteal implants of PTFE and Hydroxyapatite physical barriers in rats.
N. L. de Macedo, L. G. S. de Macedo, F. S. Matuda, S. M. Ouchi, A. S. F. Monteiro and Y. R. Carvalho

Evaluation of articulation of Turkish phonemes after removable partial denture application.
M. Özbek, Í. Tulunoglu, S. Özkan and M. Öktemer

Evaluation of shear bond strength of composite to porcelain according to surface treatment.
C. M. Kussano, G. Bonfante, J. G. Batista and J. H. N. Pinto

Image quality in digital radiographic systems.
S. M. de Almeida, A. E. F. de Oliveira, R. I. Ferreira and F. N. Bóscolo

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