VOL. 13(3) 2002

Dental Foundation of Ribeirão Preto



Histomorphometric analysis of rat alveolar wound healing with hydroxyapatite alone or associated to BMPs

A.C. Brandão, L.G. Brentegani, A.B. Novaes Jr., M.F.M. Grisi, S.L.S. de Souza, M. Taba Jr. and L.A. Salata

In Vitro antimicrobial activity of calcium hydroxide pastes and their vehicles against selected microorganisms

B.P.F.A. Gomes, C.C.R. Ferraz, M.E. Vianna, P.L. Rosalen, A.A. Zaia, F.B. Teixeira and F.J. de Souza-Filho

Effect of a 10% carbamide peroxide bleaching agent on rat oral epithelium proliferation

R.C. Albuquerque, R.S. Gomez, R.A. Dutra, W.A. Vasconcellos, R.S. Gomez and M.V. Gomez

In Vitro analysis of effect of heat used in dental bleaching on human dental enamel

G.B. Sydney, F.B. Barletta and R.B. Sydney

Structure and microstructure of coronary dentin in non-erupted human deciduous incisor teeth

L.R.R.S. Costa, I-s. Watanabe, M.C. Kronka and M.C.P. Silva

Shear bond strength of enamel surface treated with air-abrasive system

M.C. Borsatto, A.B.E.B. Catirse, R.G. Palma Dibb, T.N. do Nascimento, R.A.S.S. Rocha and S.A.M. Corona

Effect of surface roughness on amalgam repair using adhesive systems

M. Giannini, L.A.M.S. Paulillo and G.M.B. Ambrosano

In vitro evaluation of microleakage of a flowable composite in class V restorations

D.T. Chimello, M.A. Chinelatti, R.P. Ramos and R.G. Palma Dibb

Effect of different EGTA concentrations on dentin microhardness

A.M. Cruz-Filho, E.A. de Paula, J.D. Pécora and M.D. Sousa-Neto

Bonding brackets to porcelain – in vitro study

E.F. Sant’Anna, M.E. Monnerat, O. Chevitarese and M.B.S. Stuani

Changes in occlusal vertical dimension in microwave processing of complete dentures

D.B. Barbosa, M.A. Compagnoni and C.R. Leles

Evaluation of the reliability of computerized profile cephalometric analysis

J.T.L. Ferreira and C.S. Telles

Effect of intrinsic pigmentation of the flexural strength of a microwave-cured acrylic resin

F.A.P.Silva, T.B.P. Silva, R.N. Rached and A.A. Del Bel Cury

In vitro study of effect of solvent on root canal retreatment

K.O.N. Oyama, E.L. Siqueira and M. dos Santos

Nasolabial cyst: case report

V.A. Pereira Filho, A.C. da Silva, M. de Moraes, R.W.F. Moreira and H. Villalba

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