VOL. 13(2) 2002

Dental Foundation of Ribeirão Preto 




Replica of human dentin treated with different desensitizing agents: a methodological SEM study in vitro          (download pdf file)

J.C. Pereira, A.C.B.F. Martineli and M.S. Tung



Comparative study of tissue response to polyglecaprone 25, polyglactin 910 and polytetrafluorethylene suture materials in rats          (download pdf file)

H. Nary Filho, M.A. Matsumoto, A.C. Batista, L.C. Lopes, F.C.G. de Sampaio Góes and A. Consolaro



Histometric study of socket healing after tooth extraction in rats treated with diclofenac          (download pdf file)

L.I. Yugoshi, M.A. Sala, L.G. Brentegani and T.L. Lamano Carvalho



Expression and activity of matrix metalloproteinase-2 (MMP-2) in the development of rat first molar tooth germ          (download pdf file)

P. Cotrim, C.R. de Andrade, S. Line, O.P. de Almeida and R.D. Coletta



Submucous implant of abrasive dental materials in rat tongues: clinical and histological evaluation          (download pdf file)

A.D. Pistóia and M.A.Z de Figueiredo



Does LLLT stimulate laryngeal carcinoma cells? An in vitro study          (download pdf file)

A.L.B. Pinheiro, S.C. do Nascimento, A.L.B. Vieira, A.B. Rolim, P.S. da Silva and A. Brugnera Jr.



Mechanism of action of sodium hypochlorite          (download pdf file)

C. Estrela, C.R.A. Estrela, E.L. Barbin, J.C.E. Spanó, M.A. Marchesan and J.D. Pécora



Activity of endodontic antibacterial agents against selected anaerobic bacteria          (download pdf file)

C.M. Ferreira, O.P.S. Rosa, S.A. Torres, F.B.A. Ferreira and N. Bernardinelli



Evaluation of the effect of EDTA, EGTA and CDTA on dentin adhesiveness and microleakage with different root canal sealers          (download pdf file)

M.D. Sousa-Neto, J.G. Passarinho-Neto, J.R. Carvalho-Júnior, A.M. Cruz-Filho, J.D. Pécora and

P.C. Saquy



Dentofacial morphology of mouth breathing children           (download pdf file)

P.T.M. Faria, A.C.O. Ruellas, M.A.N. Matsumoto, W.T. Anselmo-Lima and F.C. Pereira



Effectiveness of teaching methods for toothbrushing in preschool children          (download pdf file)

S.C. Leal, A.C.B. Bezerra and O.A. de Toledo



Bilateral fusion of mandibular second molars with supernumerary teeth: case report          (download pdf file)

E. Nunes, I.G. de Moraes, P.M.O. Novaes and S.M.G. de Sousa

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