VOL. 13(1) 2002

Dental Foundation of Ribeirão Preto 



Effects of nicotine on the healing of extraction sockets in rats. A histological study       (download pdf file)
    J.R. Pinto, Á.F. Bosco, T. Okamoto, J.B. Guerra and I.G. Piza

Effect of bismuth subgallate (local hemostatic agent) on wound healing in rats. Histological and histometric findings       (download pdf file)
    V.A. Tramontina, M.A.N. Machado, G.R. Nogueira Filho, S.H. Kim, M.R. Vizzioli and S. Toledo

Calcium hydroxide root canal dressing. Histopathological evaluation of periapical repair at different time periods       (download pdf file)
    M.R. Leonardo, F.F. Silveira, L.A.B. Silva, M. Tanomaru Filho and L.S. Utrilla

Reaction of rat connective tissue to implanted dentin tubes filled with a white mineral trioxide aggregate       (download pdf file)
    R. Holland, V. de Souza, M.J. Nery, I.M. Faraco Júnior, P.F.E. Bernabé, J.A. Otoboni Filho and E. Dezan Junior

Cariogenicity of different types of milk: An experimental study using animal model       (download pdf file)
    R.C.R. Peres, L.C. Coppi, E.M. Franco, M.C. Volpato, F.C. Groppo and P.L. Rosalen

Scanning electron microscopy evaluation of the interface of three adhesive systems       (download pdf file)
    S. Macari, M. Gonçalvez, T. Nonaka and J.M. dos Santos

Fluoride release from restorative materials coated with an adhesive       (download pdf file)
    L.A. Miranda, P. Weidlich, S.M.W. Samuel and M. Maltz

Effectiveness of an oral hygiene program for Brazilian orphans       (download pdf file)
    L.B. Freitas-Fernandes, A.B. Novaes Jr., A.C.R. Feitosa and A.B. Novaes

Systemic and oral alterations in Brazilian patients with cutaneous herpes zoster       (download pdf file)
    H.F.S. Gonzaga, M.A. Jorge, L.H.S. Gonzaga, C.A.A. Barbosa and M.D. Chaves

Root canal filling with calcium hydroxide using different techniques       (download pdf file)
    C. Estrela, I. Mamede Neto, H.P. Lopes, C.R.A. Estrela and J.D. Pécora

Effect of commercial acrylic resins on dimensional accuracy of the maxillary denture base       (download pdf file)
    R.L.X. Consani, S.S. Domitti, C.M. Rizzatti Barbosa and S. Consani

Technical assessment of WHO-621 periodontal probe made in Brazil        (download pdf file)
    G.E. Rapp, A.A. Barbosa Jr., A.J.D. Mendes, A.C.F. Motta, M.A.A. Bião and R.V. Garcia

Hyalinizing clear cell carcinoma of minor salivary gland: Case report        (download pdf file)
    M. Manoharan, N.H. Othman and A.R. Samsudin

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