VOL. 12(3) 2001

Dental Foundation of Ribeirão Preto


Modification in Col shape and interproximal area after periodontal surgery associated with the restorative alveolar interface (RAI) technique. Histological study in dogs       ( download pdf file )
    L.B. Stoll, A.B. Novaes and R.A. Lopes

Solvent action of sodium hypochlorite on bovine pulp and physico-chemical properties of resulting liquid       ( download pdf file)
    J.C.E. Spanó, E.L. Barbin, T.C. Santos, L.F. Guimarães and J.D. Pécora    

Effect of calcitonin on bone formation around titanium implant. A histometric study in rabbits       ( download pdf file)
    A.L. Januário, E.A. Sallum, S. de Toledo, A.W. Sallum and F.H. Nociti Jr.

Scanning electron microscopy of angioarchitecture of palatine gingiva in young rabbits       ( download pdf file)
    M.C. Kronka, I-s. Watanabe and M.C.P. Silva

Computer assisted image analysis methods for evaluation of periodontal wound healing       ( download pdf file)
    D.B. Palioto, S. Sato, G. Ritman, L.F. Mota and R.G. Caffesse

Characterization of the binding of delmopinol to salivary precipitates       (download pdf file)
    L.B. Freitas-Fernandes, J. Rundegren, T. Arnebrant and P.-O. Glantz

Calcium fluoride uptake on human enamel after the use of fluoridated mouthrinses       ( download pdf file)
    M. Navarro, L.A. Monte Alto, R.A. Cruz and J. Prazeres

Construction and evaluation of an inexpensive device that simulates oral clearance       ( download pdf file)
    A.C.C. Spadaro, D.P.S. Leitão, A.C.M. Polizello, V. Pedrazzi and W. Mestriner Junior

Assessment of anti-inflammatory effect of 830nm laser light using C-reactive protein levels       ( download pdf file)
    A.C. Freitas, A.L.B. Pinheiro, P. Miranda, F.A. Thiers and A.L.B. Vieira

Clinical study of the sensitivity and dynamic range of three digital systems, E-speed film and digitized film       ( download pdf file)
    F.N. Bóscolo, A.E. Oliveira, S.M. de Almeida, C.F.S. Haiter and F. Haiter Neto

Microleakage in primary teeth restored by conventional or bonded amalgam technique       ( download pdf file)
    S.I. Myaki, C.R.M.D. Rodrigues, D.P. Raggio, T.A.P. Flores and M.R. Matson

Effect of time on the diametral tensile strength of resin-modified restorative glass ionomer cements and compomer       ( download pdf file)
    D.F.G. Cefaly, F.P. Valarelli, B.G.M. Seabra, R.F.L. Mondelli and M.F.L. Navarro

Effect of gamma radiation of dentin bond strength and morphology       (download pdf file)
    M. Sperandio, J.B. Souza and D.T. Oliveira

Subgingival utilization of a 1% chlorhexidine collagen gel for the treatment of periodontal pockets. A clinical and microbiological study        (download pdf file )
    A.H.C. Vinholis, L.C. de Figueiredo, E. Marcantonio Junior, R.A.C. Marcantonio, S.L.S. Salvador and G. Goissis

Collarless metal ceramic fixed partial denture: A clinical report       (download pdf file)
    W. Matsumoto, R.P.A. Antunes, I.A. Orsi and R.M. Fernandes

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