VOL. 12(2) 2001

Dental Foundation of Ribeirão Preto


Effect of refrigeration on tensile bond strength of three adhesive systems       (download pdf file )
    A.M. Spohr, L. Correr Sobrinho, S. Consani, M.A.C. Sinhoreti and G.A. Borges

Two-dimensional photoelastic stress analysis of traumatized incisor       (download pdf file )
    B. Topbasi, M. Gunday, M. Bas and C. Turkmen    

Radiopacity of glass-ionomer/composite resin hybrid materials       (download pdf file )
    A.T. Hara, M.C. Serra and A.L. Rodrigues Jr.

Influence of the retention of antiseptic solution dyes on the translucence of glass-ionomer cements       (download pdf file )
    A.B.E. Catirse, W. Dinelli, P.P.N.S. Garcia and S.A.M. Corona

Effectiveness of the ProFile.04 Taper Series 29 files in removal of gutta-percha root fillings during curved root canal retreatment       (download pdf file )
    C.R.A. Valois, M. Navarro, A.A. Ramos, A.J.R. Castro and S.M.M. Gahyva

In situ study of sucrose exposure, mutans streptococci in dental plaque and dental caries       (download pdf file )
    J.A. Cury, S.B. Francisco, A.A. Del Bel Cury and C.P.M. Tabchoury

Phenotypic stability and plasmid detection in Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans       (download pdf file )
    M.J. Avila-Campos and G. Padilla

Healing process of dog dental pulp after pulpotomy and pulp covering with mineral trioxide aggregate or Portland cement       (download pdf file )
    R. Holland, V. Souza, S.S. Murata, M.J. Nery, P.F.E. Bernabé, J.A. Otoboni Filho and E. Dezan Junior

Effect of isotretinoin on tooth germ and palate development in mouse embryos       (download pdf file )
    E. Balducci-Roslindo, K.G. Silvério, M.A. Jorge and H.F.S. Gonzaga

Tissue reactions to polypropylene mesh used in maxillofacial trauma       (download pdf file )
    E. de Paula e Silva, E.L.S. de Rosa and S.V. Barbosa

Clinical study of guided bone regeneration and/or bone grafts in the treatment of ligature-induced peri-implantitis defects in dogs       (download pdf file )
    F.H. Nociti Jr., R.G. Caffesse, E.A. Sallum, M.A.N. Machado, C.M. Stefani and A.W. Sallum

Dental anomaly: Dens evaginatus (talon cusp)       (download pdf file )
    J.A.B. Ferraz, J.R. de Carvalho Júnior, P.C. Saquy, J.D. Pécora and M.D. Sousa-Neto

Oral manifestations related to immunosuppression degree in HIV-positive children       (download pdf file )
    L.C. dos Santos, G.F. Castro, I.P.R. de Souza and R.H.S. Oliveira

Intrauterine dentistry: an integrated model of prevention       (download pdf file )
    H.F.S. Gonzaga, L. Buso, M.A. Jorge and L.H.S. Gonzaga

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