VOL. 12(1) 2001

Dental Foundation of Ribeirão Preto


Reaction of rat connective tissue to implanted dentin tube filled with mineral trioxide  aggregate, Portland cement or calcium hydroxide
 R. Holland, V. de Souza, M.J. Nery, I.M. Faraco Júnior, P.F.E. Bernabé, J.A. Otoboni Filho and
 E. Dezan Junior

Hydroxylapatite implants with or without collagen, in the zygomatic arch of rats. Histological study
 M.A.C. Gabrielli, E. Marcantonio Júnior, G. Góissis, T. Okamoto, M.F.R. Gabrielli and E.H. Vieira

Attachment of human gingival fibroblasts to periodontially involved root surface following scaling and/or etching procedures: A scanning electron microscopy study
 N. Babay

Relationship between the presence or absence of gingival bleeding and the enzymatic BANA test
 M.F.M. Grisi, T.A. Correa Filho, C.L.S. Fanganiello, W. Martins Jr., C.R. Silva-Neto and S.L. Salvador

Evaluation of Er:YAG laser and EDTAC on dentin adhesion of six endodontic sealers
 J.D. Pécora, A.L. Cussioli, D.M.Z. Guerisoli, M.A. Marchesan, M.D. Sousa-Neto and A. Brugnera-Junior

Microhardness of Nd:YAG laser irradiated enamel surfaces
 M. Kuramoto Jr., E. Matson, M.L. Turbino, R.A. Marques

Microhardness of enamel restored with fluoride and non-fluoride releasing dental materials
 S.M.W. Samuel and C. Rubinstein

Modeling capacity of ENDOflash files in simulated root canals
 L.F. Fariniuk, F. Baratto-Filho, D.M.Z. Guerisoli, J.V.B. Barbizam, J.D. Pécora and M.D. Sousa-Neto

Compressive strength of interocclusal recording materials
 F. Keyf and S. Altunsoy

Compliance with supportive periodontal therapy. Part II: Risk of non-compliance in a 10-year period
 A.B. Novaes Jr. and A.B. Novaes

Changes in periodontal conditions of children and adolescents from Araraquara, Brazil: 1995-1998
 E.L. Dini

Oral squamous cell carcinoma: a retrospective study of 740 cases in a Brazilian population
 O.L.A.S. Gervásio, R.A. Dutra, S.M.A. Tartaglia, W.A. Vasconcellos, A.A. Barbosa and M.C.F. Aguiar

Gingival erosive Lichen planus: case report
 R.G. Dorta, J.B. Souza and D.T. Oliveira

Odontoma-producing intraosseous calcifying odontogenic cyst: case report
 G.D. Pistóia, R.F. Gerlach, J.C.B. dos Santos and A. Montebelo Filho

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