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The University of Ribeirão Preto (UNAERP) together with Dentsply, USA, presented a course given by Dr. Wm. Ben Johnson “Current Therapy in Endodontics: ProFile - Endodontic Instrumentation”. Over 50 Professors from Dental Schools of the State of São Paulo participated in this course. The theoretical part of the course presented Dentistry from the decade of the 30’s to the present time and cost/benefit relationship for the patient/dentist. A practical course was available for participants for “hands-on” experience of root canal instrumentation with ProFile.

Left to right: Jesus Djalma Pécora, Manoel Damião Sousa Neto, and Paulo Cesar Saquy, Editors of the Brazilian Dental Journal, Mark Oliver (CEO Dentsply), Danilo M. Zanello Guerisoli (Endodontic graduate student, simultaneous translator of course), Daniel Nobs (Director of Marketing of Latin America), Salvador Gonzalez Filho (Dentsply do Brasil), Antonio Miranda Cruz (Prof. UNAERP), and Wm. Ben Johnson (Prof. University of Tulsa).

Participating professors from the State of São Paulo.

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