After 10 years of uninterrupted publishing, the Brazilian Dental Journal met its goals that were established when the Journal was merely an idea, i.e. to disseminate academic information related to Dentistry to the international scientific community. For this to be possible, it was necessary to adopt English as the official language because of its unquestioned penetration worldwide.
The Journal became a reality with the support of an editorial board of national and international members so that this Journal would not be just a regional periodical but would be read and accepted at all centers of advanced technology. The last several volumes are also available on the internet for consultation.
However, work has not stopped here. There are challenges to be overcome. The Brazilian Dental Journal must reach all Faculties of Dentistry in the world, as well as all Research Centers, which requires a strong financial structure during difficult economic moments. It is also necessary to increase the number of articles published in each issue. In the international sense, links with quality sites related to the international scientific community must be established for greater electronic access to Brazilian scientific information.
Thus, the most important goal of the Editors of the Brazilian Dental Journal is to expand the channel of communication and interaction of Brazilian researchers with the international community.
The quality and acceptance of a scientific Journal is based on the research it publishes. Without a highly qualified Editorial Board, it would be difficult to maintain a quality Journal. In light of this, the Editors of the Brazilian Dental Journal would like to express their appreciation to Professor Dr. Arthur Belem Novaes of the Department of Surgery of the School of Dentistry of Ribeirão Preto, University of São Paulo, for his contribution as a member of the Editorial Board. Dr. Novaes retired June 14, 1999.
Dr. Novaes graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry and Pharmacy, USP, in 1952. In 1963 he was invited to establish the Discipline of Periodontics in Ribeirão Preto. He completed his specialization at the “Goldman School of Graduate Dentistry” at Boston University, USA, where he defended his thesis in 1968 and was the first Brazilian to receive the title of “Master in Periodontology”. Dr. Novaes was a Professor of the Discipline of Periodontics at FORP-USP for over 36 years. He was always interested in new developments in his specialty and continued his studies throughout his career, most recently being honored by the Brazilian Academy of Osseointegration for his work in Dental Implants.
We thank Dr. Arthur for his collaboration with this Journal over the past 10 years and wish him satisfaction, fulfillment and health in his retirement.