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 140th Annual ADA Session
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 87th FDI World Dental Congress
28 October - 1 November 1999. Mexico City, Mexico

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FDI Annual World Dental Congresses

88th Congress - 2000, Paris, France.

89th Congress - 2001, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

90th Congress - 2002, Vienna, Austria.

91st Congress - 2003, Sydney, Australia.


Dr. Manoel D. Sousa Neto, one of the Editors of the Brazilian Dental Journal, participated in the 86th World Dental Congress - FDI 98 which was held in Barcelona, Spain, October 8-12, 1998. The highlight of this Congress was the Meeting for Editors of Dental Journals “Improving Quality in Dental Publishing”. This meeting was of great value for the Brazilian Dental Journal in our quest to improve the quality of dissemination of Brazilian dental research.

Dr. Manoel D. Sousa Neto with Dr. Maria Mindak, Communications Manager and Editor of the FDI, and with Dr. J.H. Schotte, Editor in Chief of the FDI, during the meeting for Editors.

Drs. Jesus Djalma Pécora and Manoel D. Sousa Neto, Editors of the Brazilian Dental Journal, participated in the XXXIII Meeting of the Brazilian Association of Dental Education in Fortaleza. University dental curriculum was discussed exhaustively in an attempt to improve the quality of education of professionals who will confront the next millennium.

Left to right: Dr. Manoel D. Sousa Neto, Editor of the Brazilian Dental Journal, Dr. Carlos Batista, Academic Vice-Rector of UNIFOR, Dr. José Fortunato Ferreira-Santos, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, USP, Dr. Alfredo Júlio Fernandes Neto, President of ABENO, Dr. Eliton Cavalcante, Professor of UNIFOR, Dr. Jesus Djalma Pécora, Editor of the Brazilian Dental Journal, and Dr. Nello Francisco Romani, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry of Guarulhos.